Through Limo Insurers we provide access to the The Capacity Group’s exclusive programs and management tools:

Our Exclusive Limousine Insurance Programs include:
  • All-inclusive programs available on a regional and national basis including Automobile Liability, Physical Damage, Open Lot Coverage, Employer’s Practice Liability, Pollution Coverage, General Liability, and Property Coverage
  • One source for Group Life Insurance, Medical, Dental, Disability, and Prescription Drug Plans
  • Bonding for your employees and independent operators available up to $5M
  • Safety plans, loss analysis, motor vehicle reports, and much more
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Occupational Disease & Accident Insurance

We can offer you the following Employee benefits, some available at NO Cost to the employer:
Employee Benefits AFLAC Group Life, Health and Disability insurance Group discounted personal insurance: Personal Auto and Homeowners and renters insurance. **ATTRACT AND RETAIN EXCEPTIONAL EMPLOYEES BY OFFERING THESE BENEFIT PROGRAMS AND SERVICES.

Management Tools-
MyWave + CSR 24 Makes
Managing Business Insurance Easier

To show you the advantages of using Capacity as your insurance broker, please try our FREE new internet-based insurance information tool called MyWave plus our 24/7 Online Customer Service CSR 24.

MyWave’s streamlines your everyday work tasks:

  • Creating employee newsletters, safety programs, in-house forms, and insurance reports is time-consuming and expensive. Use MyWave to download easy-to-customize materials.
  • Search a library of thousands of insurance articles.
  • Post questions to an online forum tapping the resources of thousands of your industry peers.
  • Automatically process online service requests
  • Access a complete online OSHA reporting system.
24/7 Access to Your Insurance Information

Our new online resource called CSR 24 is a user-friendly tool that gives you 24/7 access to your insurance information online. CSR 24 allows you to:
  • Verify policy information and request changes.
  • Issue Certificates of Insurance online.

Actual Cash Value : Pays actual cost to replace damaged property less depreciation.

Agreed Amount Endorsement

Bodily Injury : Refers to physical injury, sickness, disease or death of a third party. For auto insurance, it refers to Injuries to a third party resulting from the negligence of insured driver: not to include passengers in insured vehicle.

Boiler and Machinery : Covers losses resulting from the malfunction of boilers and/or machinery.

Building : Buildings specifically stated in policy as well as anything permanently affixed to building including: additions, alterations, fixtures, extensions machinery and equipment.

Building Ordinance or Law : Pays for the loss of value and demolition of an undamaged portion of the existing building which must be demolished and/or removed to conform to ordinance laws. Pays for any increased expenses incurred to replace or repair the building with one conforming to building laws or ordinances.

Business Income : This coverage is intended to cover business profits and continuing expenses in the event the business is shutdown or partially shutdown due to a covered loss.

Business Interruption/Business Income : Coverage for losses of business income (including any continuing normal operating expenses plus payroll) sustained, due to the necessary suspension of business operations

Business Personal Property : Covers property belonging to the business that is destroyed or damaged resulting from losses such as fire, vandalism, theft, smoke etc.

Claims Made Form : Coverage is provided by the policy that is/was in force during the time that the claim was reported regardless of when the loss occurred.

Co-insurance Clause : An arrangement by which the insured, in consideration of a reduced rate, agrees to carry an amount of insurance equal to a percentage of the total value of the property insured.

Collision : Covers damages to insured vehicle resulting from physical contact of insured vehicle with any object stationary or moving.

Comprehensive : Physical damage coverage that includes all property losses and damages, except collision and causes of loss specifically excluded in policy form.

Dividend : The sum returned to a policyholder by an insurance company under a participating policy.

Drive Other Car Coverage : Coverage for employees or executives of a company, or any other person who is supplied a company vehicle, but who does not own a personal vehicle.

Earthquake : Covers losses resulting from direct damage sustained from an earthquake or volcanic eruption.

Electronic Data Processing/Computers :

Employee Benefits Liability : Protects the insured employer against claims by employees or former employees resulting from negligent acts or omissions in the administration of the insured’s employee benefits programs.

Employers Liability : Coverage provided in the event of legal action against you as a result of worker injury, occupational disease or death.

Excess vs. Umbrella : Umbrella Coverage: Overlays MOST of the major policies within an insurance program: increasing the liability limits of each, typically offers broader coverage with fewer exclusions, provides 1st dollar liability coverage in most cases. Excess Coverage: Overlays a SPECIFIC liability insurance policy, incorporates all of the provisions of the underlying policy, does not have any effect on any other liability policies the insured may have.

Expense Constant : a premium charge approved by the superintendent of each state that applies to every policy, in addition to other premium charges, covering expenses such as those for issuing, recording and auditing that are common to all workers’ compensation policies regardless of premium size.

Experience Modification : Adjustment of premiums resulting from the use of statistical procedures used to calculate premiums based on the loss experience of an insured group.

Extra Expenses : Pays for the additional costs, over and above normal operating expenses in which a business incurs, in order to continue operations after a loss.

Fire Legal Liability : Coverage for property losses as a result of negligent acts and/or omissions of the insured, which allows the spreading of a fire to damage others’ property.

Flood : Coverage for damages resulting from the overflow of inland or tidal waters, rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters, as well as damages resulting from mudslides or mudflows due to the causes defined above.

Garage Keepers Liability : Provides coverage for loss or comprehensive damages to vehicles while they are in the care, custody and control of the garage.

Hired & Non Owned Auto : Coverage for an employer against liability for property damage or physical injury arising from an employee operating a personally owned, rented or leased vehicle for the benefit of the employer.

Inland Marine : Coverage against damage or destruction of someone else’s property while in the care, custody and control of the shipper and/or while in transit by other then ocean vessels.

Replacement Cost: Pays the actual cost to replace damaged property without deducting for depreciation.

Loss of Rents : Covers actual loss of rents due to covered loss up to policy limits.

Managed Care Discount : Discount given when employers and employees follow certain guidelines or protocols to improve and manage the method of selecting health care providers.

Medical Payments : For general liability, medical payments cover medical and funeral expenses of third parties regardless of fault due to injury or death by accident specifically stated on policy. General Aggregate: Maximum dollar amount of coverage in force under said policy during any one policy period. For auto, it is cCoverage for third party medical expenses up to policy limits regardless of fault in the event of an accident.

Named Perils: Insurance contract which lists covered causes of loss.

Occurrence Form: Protects against claims of negligence under the policy that is/was in force during the time that the loss occurred.

Ocean Marine : Coverage in the event of a marine loss (damage or destruction of a ships hull and/or the ships cargo) as a result of a covered cause of loss including: collision, fire, piracy, capsizing as well as various other liability coverages. : Agreement made by the insurance company wherein it waives the coinsurance clause on the specified property.

All Risks : Insurance contract that covers every loss except for those specifically excluded. Personal Injury : Provides coverage for the INSURED in the event the INSUREDS negligent acts and/or omissions result in libel, slander, invasion of privacy or false arrest/suit.

Personal Injury Protection: Products and Completed Operations Liability : Provides coverage resulting from bodily injury and/or property damage, that occurs off insured premises’ involving the insured’s completed products or work.

Property Damage: Coverage for damages to third party vehicle arising out of negligence of insured driver.

Property Damage Liability: Coverage in the event that the negligent acts or omissions of an insured result in damage or destruction to another’s property in the care custody or control of the insured.

Self Insured Retention: Portion of property a property or liability loss retained by a policy holder. Coverage for basic medical expenses up to policy limits for the insured and members of insured’s family in the event of an accident.

Specified Perils: A policy that insures only against perils specifically stated on policy.

Uninsured Motorist: Covers bodily injury to insured and/or property damage to insured vehicle: involved in a collision with a driver that does not have liability insurance.

Underinsured Motorist: Covers bodily injury to insured and/or property damage to insured vehicle: involved in a collision with a driver that does not have enough liability insurance to cover said damages/injuries. * Terms listed are for informational purposes only and do not in any way offer or bind coverage.